Enstrom President Todd Tetzlaff invites aerospace professionals to join thriving company workforce

It still feels like a dream to me that I have the privilege of leading such an incredible team of engineers, mechanics, fabricators, and others here at Enstrom. My journey with Enstrom Helicopter Corporation began before I graduated college. I secured my first job as a drafter and later moved into research & development as […]

Employee Spotlight: Apollo Berg

There’s an old quote by Mark Twain that goes, “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” I’ve found that especially true in my more than 20 years working in the same department for Enstrom. My name is Apollo Berg and I work in the […]

Safety Check: Tweaking the Rotor RPM

Last week, I conducted five check rides over a four-day period. We flew in a Huges 269C, Guimball Cabri G-2, Enstrom 280FX, and an older Enstrom model F28A. While each aircraft operated flawlessly, I noticed many applicants struggled to maintain the rotor RPM in their respective helicopters. The Guimball Cabri G-2 is equipped with a […]

Enstrom: A Year in Review

On May 13, 2022, Chuck Surack, founder of Surack Enterprises, announced the purchase of Enstrom Helicopter Corporation in Menominee, Michigan. To say that a lot has happened at Enstrom in the 12 months since then would be an understatement. “The factory is buzzing with excitement not felt in many years,” said Vice President of Sales […]

Enstrom Helicopter Corporation to showcase new 480B helicopter at US Aircraft Expo, Chicago

Enstrom Helicopter Corporation made the most of its opportunity to present its new helicopter at this year’s US Aircraft Expo in Chicago. Featuring the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers and dealers, the Chicago-based expo was the only event show organizers plan to host in the Midwest this year. Dennis Martin, Enstrom’s Vice President of Sales and […]

Enstrom announces the sale of two helicopters to the Zambian Air Force

Enstrom Helicopter Corporation is pleased to announce the sale of two turbine powered 480B helicopters to the Zambian Air Force (ZAF). The contract, which was signed on February 23 by the Ministry of Defense, includes both the helicopters and training for ZAF pilots and personnel. The helicopters will be based in Lusaka, and used for […]

Enstrom to host semi-annual maintenance courses in April, May

Enstrom Helicopter Corporation is gearing up to host our first of two semi-annual maintenance courses for 2023. We’ve designed these courses to help improve your skills in inspecting and maintaining your helicopter. Even the best aircraft won’t stay airworthy forever, especially without routine maintenance. Safety is and will always be our top priority here at […]

Enstrom Helicopter Corporation President retires after storied career

Enstrom President Matt Francour is set to say goodbye this month to the company he dedicated nearly four decades of his life to. Matt announced his retirement from Enstrom earlier this year after having helped Enstrom successfully navigate through an often uncertain and tumultuous era. Matt said what he’ll miss the most from his time […]

Safety Check – What is a true formation flight?

Recently we had a client request an aerial tour of a property in central Indiana. The flight request involved multiple helicopters. During the pilot safety briefing, it was discussed having one pilot who would make the radio calls on behalf of the other aircraft. Knowing this would be a revenue flight we could not be […]

Enstrom History, from inception to production of the 280C

Welcome to the first installment of Enstrom History, where we’ll highlight the pioneers and innovators who helped Enstrom become what it is today. For this month’s installment, we start right at the beginning. Rudy Enstrom’s Early Designs Rudy Enstrom was born on June 23, 1916, in Crystal Falls, MI. While employed as a mechanic for […]

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02/26/2024 Thu., 02/29/2024
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Enstrom Maintenance Course, Piston

06/03/2024 Fri., 06/07/2024
Cost: $1,400 Per Person
Location: Menominee, Michigan, USA
Enstrom offers maintenance courses to educate pilots and ground crew. They are I.A. Renewal Accredited.

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Enstrom Maintenance Course, Turbine

06/10/2024 Fri., 06/14/2024
Cost: $1,400 Per Person
Location: Menominee, Michigan, USA
Enstrom offers maintenance courses to educate pilots and ground crew. They are I.A. Renewal Accredited.

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