Authentically Enstrom

Based in Menominee, Michigan, Enstrom boasts a rich history of design and ingenuity. From the first drafted designs in 1943, through decades of innovation and progress, Enstrom continues to be the standard in mid-sized helicopter production, sales, service, and support.

A Culture Built on Pride

Enstrom always prioritizes the small, family-style atmosphere common passion for aviation, innovation, and supporting those in our community.

Our resurgence and continued is attributed back to a simple philosophy – always do the right thing. Everyone, from our CEO to our mechanics to our engineers, comes to work each day with the same “roll up your sleeves” attitude.

Our Culture

A Quality Product

An Enstrom Helicopter is an industry-wide symbol of safety, innovation, and performance. Built from the same passion as our first helicopter, we’ve continued to raise the bar and set the standard in helicopter manufacturing.

Trusted and flown worldwide for military, law enforcement, flight training, and more.

Chuck Flying

Passionate Ownership

Chuck Surack, best known as the founder of music retailer Sweetwater in Fort Wayne, purchased Enstrom in May of 2022. Chuck, an avid helicopter pilot, has an infectious passion for aviation. He’s proud to have earned his helicopter flight ratings in an Enstrom years before his acquisition.

Under Chuck’s stable ownership, the factory is buzzing with excitement and is producing the top-tier helicopters Enstrom is known for. He is committed to directing Enstrom into a bright future for decades to come.

Our Team

Chuck Surack
Chuck Surack, Owner & Chairman of the Board
(260) 577-7071
Todd Tetzlaff
Todd Tetzlaff, President
Adam Richardson
Adam Richardson, Chief Operating Officer
Dennis Martin
Dennis Martin, Chief Commercial Officer
ext. 137
Doug Smith
Doug Smith, Vice President of Product Support and Quality Assurance
ext. 153
Kevin Vandenhouten
Kevin Vandenhouten, Vice President of IT & Supply Chain
ext. 186
Lisa Sundelius
Lisa Sundelius, Human Resources
ext. 105
Bayard DuPont
Bayard DuPont, Sr Technical Fellow Product Support & Technical Representative
ext. 138
Chip Zeismer
Chip Zeismer, Repair Station Coordinator & Technical Support
ext. 139
Cody Parkovich
Cody Parkovich, Technical Support & Production Pilot
ext. 179
Craig Hayward
Craig Hayward, Parts Manager
ext. 178