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Built for flexibility and designed for safety, our fleet of helicopters are world-renowned for their capabilities in numerous fields and applications.

Enstrom helicopters are utilized for both missions and training by several militaries throughout the world. Our turbine-powered 480B was originally developed to the demanding specifications of the US Army. Built in Michigan, USA, this agile but tough, military-grade piece of equipment is always ready to report for duty.

Our piston-powered F28F and 280FX offer a superbly cost-effective military training helicopter solution. Army, Air Force, and naval pilot training facilities love Enstrom helicopters for their handling, safety, and flexibility. When not being used as training helicopters, they can be quickly repurposed for SAR, transport, cargo, and other uses. We build safety into every aircraft. It’s always been our primary focus and in the dangerous world of military operations, we’re proud to boast class-leading safety.

Enstrom Military Helicopter

Made for Your Mission


Renowned worldwide for ease of flight, safety, and agility, every Enstrom is equipped with state-of-the-art safety systems, and robust chassis, and is fully customizable to your specific service needs.

Enstrom Sunrise Cockpit

Class-Leading Control

Ultra-responsive handling paired with modern avionics and displays for unmatched safety, clear visuals, and mobility for precise maneuvers and movements.

Inside Enstrom military helicopter

Fully Supported

Parts and support are readily available though customizable factory training, in-country support, industry-leading product support, and technical support to keep your mission moving forward.


Authentically Enstrom

The industry’s choice for mid-sized, utility helicopters.

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