Enstrom 480
Enstrom 480
Enstrom 480
Enstrom 480
Enstrom 480
Enstrom 480
Enstrom 480
Enstrom 480
Enstrom 480
305 shp/313 kw
360 nm/667 km
113 kts/209 kph
Max Cruise Speed
4.6 hrs
Enstrom Helicopter

480B Turbine

Our flagship aircraft, designed and developed to US Army New Training Helicopter requirements, this aircraft is known for its reputation for safety, stability, comfort, value, and performance.

A History of Safety

Our engineers and designers have been on the forefront of safety and innovation since the first helicopter came off our assembly line. And ever since we’ve been perfecting the many safety features on board every helicopter, resulting in Enstrom being named one of the safest aircraft for nearly three decades.

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480 Avionics


Our most advanced cockpit yet; equipped with full glass panel display for clear, easy, and accurate viewing of gauges, mapping, GPS, and more. Plus, avionic package upgrades available on all helicopter models.


A unique combination of power and weight with light agility at the controls. Experienced pilots attest to its unparalleled stability and solid craftsmanship.

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480 Performance
480B Design

Design & Customization

Modernized amenities and customization options add comfort and flexibility to your aircraft including interior configuration and seating, exterior paint, and special mission equipment.

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Enstrom Advantage

480B Spraying Mission Flexibility
Responsive controls, advanced stability, and in-flight comfort make any mission possible.
Factory Support Factory Support
Our highly trained team of sales, maintenance, and service professionals are always ready to help.
Maintenance Cost Low Maintenance Costs
Reliable, readily available parts and low aircaft downtime allow you to spend more time in the air.
Performance — Sea Level (ISA)
Mission Weights 2,800 lbs
1,270 kg
3,000 lbs
1,361 kg
Never Exceed Speed (VNE) 125 kts
231 kph
124 kts
230 kph
Max Cruise Speed
(TAS @ 3,000 ft./914m)
113 kts
209 kph
109 kts
202 kph
Service Ceiling 13,000 ft
3,962 m
10,000 ft
3,048 m
Maximum Rate of Climb @ S/L 1,475 fpm
7.5 ms
1,375 fpm
7.0 ms
Power - Rolls-Royce 250-C20W Turbine
Power Available 305 shp
313 kw
Gross Weight 3,000 lbs 1,361 kg
Empty Weight (standard equipment) 1,820 lbs 836 kg
Useful Load 1,180 lbs 535 kg
Hover Ceilings
Mission Weights 2,800 lbs
1,270 kg
3,000 lbs
1,361 kg
In-Ground Effect (IGE) 13,000 ft
3,231 m
12,300 ft
3,749 m
Out-of-Ground Effect (OGE) 10,600 ft
3,231 m
5,400 ft
1,646 m
Range & Endurance @ 3,000 ft (914 m) – No Reserve
Maximum Range 360 nm
667 km
355 nm
657 km
Maximum Endurance 4.6 hrs 4.5 hrs
Fuel System
2 Interconnected Tanks 90 gal
341 L

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