Made for Safety

Even more impressive than the performance, quality, and value of our aircraft are our safety record and standards. Trusted worldwide in the most demanding and critical scenarios, Enstrom continues to provide exceptionally safe and powerful helicopters.

Built to our high standards and customized to your needs, Enstrom helicopters are made for your mission. Whether serving the needs of your country and community, training the next generation of pilots, or fulfilling your personal passion for aviation, our aircraft are built to work and perform the way you do.

Military Helicopter Flying
  • Fail-safe, belt-driven transmission on over 1,500 aircraft
  • Energy-absorbing landing gear
  • Heavy-duty design for passenger safety
  • High-inertia rotor system benefits autorotation response time
  • Unblocked tail rotor provides excellent control in high winds from any angle

American Ingenuity

Behind every Enstrom helicopter, is a team of engineers, designers, technicians, pilots & builders

Parts & Manufacturing

Parts & Manufacturing

We make and machine nearly every part we put into our aircraft, giving us added control, security, and an intense knowledge about our helicopters.

Build & Assembly

Build & Assembly

Every Enstrom is built and assembled in Menominee Michigan by a highly skilled, highly motivated group of people with a hands-on passion for building the best aircraft possible.

Knowledgeable Workforce

Knowledgeable Workforce

We’re not just builders – we’re educators that share our passion and expertise through training & education opportunites to pilots, technicians, owners & enthusiants/

Helicopter on ground

Made for Your Mission

Built with class-leading safety standards and renowned for agility, flexibility, and performance, Enstrom helicopters are trusted worldwide for a variety of applications.

  • Military & Government Operations
  • First Response & Law Enforcement
  • Commercial & Agricultural
  • Private Flight, Training & More

Authentically Enstrom

The industry’s choice for mid-sized, utility helicopters.

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