Private & Training

With crisp handling, well appointed features, incredibly smooth ride, beautiful style, and roomy interior, Enstrom’s line of helicopters offers the attributes of the ultimate luxury sports car – and for an unexpectedly affordable price. Once you’ve made the decision between our turbine-powered 480B or piston-powered F28F and 280FX models, there are plenty of other options to make your aircraft distinctively YOU!

From the latest in avionics to adding optional equipment, or choosing your paint and color design, you can truly fly a one of a kind aircraft that fits your personality and responds to your every need. Our roomy interiors with NASA inspired contour seating can comfortably sit 3-5 people. And don’t worry, with 240º visibility there will be no fighting for a window seat,

Enstroms are as easy to own as they are to fly! Their smooth handling and agile performance have helped many Enstrom owners to slide from the passenger’s seat to the pilot’s seat with the help of our certified training schools. Once at the controls, you get the feeling that an Enstrom is one of the safest aircraft on the market—and you’d be right! We lead the industry in safety, which makes getting insurance easy and more affordable.

With head-turning style and low operating costs, Enstrom helicopters have become the status symbol of the shrewd investor.