Police / First Response

For law enforcement, the addition of an Enstrom helicopter will be a true force multiplier. Used all over the world, your officers in our helicopters can safely track a high-speed chase, safely control large crowds, or search for fugitives that can elude ground units. Ideal for border control, drug enforcement and general surveillance, our turbine-powered 480B and piston-powered F28F and 280FX offer the power, speed and ruggedness to protect your community. The best in class, wide cabin and comfortable seats allow officers to remain focused on the task at hand, not on their own discomfort. They can carry a myriad of special equipment, have great visibility, long endurance, and are easy and comfortable to fly.

An Enstrom pays for itself when it comes to police helicopters. Low acquisition and operation costs, coupled with available municipal lease programs, make our helicopters budget friendly to many progressive police departments.

One Enstrom helicopter can cover hundreds of square miles that would be too costly for ground units to search. They also deliver class-leading safety, giving your officers and deputies the best they deserve. And with industry-leading, product support network, we’ll keep you in the air and not on the ground waiting for parts.