Enstrom Helicopter First Flight

Enstrom is excited to announce the flight of the first new 480B Helicopter after reopening just eight months ago. The turbine-powered 480B is the 1317th Enstrom helicopter built, and the 255th 480 series helicopter. This aircraft wasn’t an unfinished left-over airframe, but was built using components procured, machined, fabricated, and assembled onsite. The stunning black […]

Meet Dennis Martin, VP of Sales & Marketing

Do you remember back in high school when the Guidance Counselor would have you list out your dream job? Well, be careful what you wish for because it just might come true. After all, it did for me! I was fortunate to grow up in an aviation family. My dad was a private pilot who […]

Bad Habits are self-induced risks

As many of you will attest, Enstrom builds one of the safest helicopters in the world. And if Chuck Surack has his way that long-standing reputation will only be exacerbated with an improved product line that is second to none. However, Enstrom can only do so much to protect us. Once the airworthiness certificate is […]

Come Work On a Great Team

Enstrom hires the best in the industry. We are proud to be based in the heart of the Midwest with a team of employees who combine dedication, skill, and innovation. At this time, we have over 100 employees, many of which are returning employees. “It is like coming home.” said Dan Nelson in Sheet Metal. […]

Enstrom Helicopter Dealer & Service Center in the Czech Republic

Enstrom is pleased to announce that it has signed DSA a.s. as a Dealer and Service Center for Enstrom Helicopters in the Czech Republic. Located in Hradec Kralove, DSA provides aircraft sales, flight training, and maintenance for all models of Enstrom helicopters, as well as for other manufacturers and fixed-wing aircraft as well. “We knew […]

Lubrication of Tail Rotor Thrust Bearings

The Enstrom tail rotor has great authority: being unobstructed, loss of tail rotor effectiveness is minimal if any at all. To maintain that positive control, one thing to add to your next maintenance task is SIL NO. 0162 (Piston) or SIL NO. T-026 (Turbine), these documents detail a lubrication method to prevent premature wear of the […]

Effective Correlator Operations

Enstrom occasionally get questions from pilots about why their correlator doesn’t seem to be effective. Most of the time we find that this issue comes from a misunderstanding of how it works and how to properly use it. The major difference between the correlator operation and governor operation (in piston engine helicopters) is that with […]

Enstrom has Received its Production Certificate

By now many of you may have seen the good news that Enstrom received its Production Certificate PC. But what exactly is the PC, and why is it important? Most people are familiar with Type Certificates (TC), which is an FAA approval of an aircraft, aircraft engine, or propellor design. The key word here is […]

Keeping the nose straight

Earlier this month our Director of Operations and fellow DPE of Sweet Helicopters, Jeff Schorsch, conducted a recurrent training course for our pilot staff. One of his topics was a review of Loss of Tail Rotor Effectiveness (LTE). So, this month I selected a past accident report, onboard the helicopter was a pilot and passenger. […]

The Enstrom Helicopter Corporation Receives Production Certificate

The Enstrom Helicopter Corporation (Enstrom) is excited to announce that it has received FAA Production Certificate No. 26CE. Doug Smith, Enstrom’s VP of Quality Assurance, was on hand to receive the Production Certificate (PC) in person at the Minneapolis MIDO. The PC authorizes Enstrom to manufacture parts for all models of Enstrom helicopters, an important milestone […]

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