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In-Process Inspector

Position:                      In-Process Inspector

Reports To:                 Head of Operations Quality

Status:                         Non-Exempt


Performs inspection of work in process, i.e., parts subassemblies and assemblies which will be assembled into final components, for correctness according to blueprints, drawings, and the requirements set forth in the Enstrom Quality Assurance Manual.



Examines and measures parts, subassemblies and assemblies to verify specified thickness, dimension, radius, fit, tolerances and location, using micrometers, verniers, calipers, templates, and other precision measuring instruments, including operation of the CMM.  Review blueprints and production diagrams to visualize layout and assembly procedures, locate critical references, and determine that the parts and materials and dimensions are correct with the finished specifications.  Inspects painted and anodized surfaces of parts for uniformity of finish and to detect defects, and to determine if parts meet specifications.  Records acceptance, rejection, or the rework required of the inspected parts and assemblies, and keeps such records as required by the Quality Assurance Manual. Maintains tools and equipment used.

Trains other workers.  Serves as consultation resource with other workers.  Observes all safety regulations.  Other duties as required.

Considerable experience in inspection and inspection procedures.
Established inspection skills.
Ability to read and interpret blueprints, specifications, and drawings.
Ability to use all inspection equipment, including micrometers, verniers, gauges, calipers, and the functional test equipment required for subassemblies.
Ability to keep records.
Ability to use shop math to the extent required to verify tolerances
Ability to work independently as well as within a team structure

*Also must be able to meet personal tool requirements.