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Dynamic Components/Engine Build Up Trainee


Reports To:                 Director of Operations

Status:                         Non-Exempt


Assembles machined parts and subassemblies to make complex, precision assemblies, and inspects, adjusts and overhauls/repairs used precision assemblies, such as main rotor spindles and hub assemblies, dampers, main rotor shaft and transmission, tail rotor gearbox and housings, and piston and turbine engine build-ups according to specifications.  Signs off as legally appropriate as a repairman under certification of FAR 65.103.


Selects appropriate subassembly parts according to specifications and measures with micrometers, vernier calipers, etc. to verify specified tolerance.  Hones and buffs parts to fit.  Drills, taps, reams, countersinks, and spotfaces bolt holes in parts, using drill press or portable drill.  Positions and aligns parts, using jigs, fixtures, and templates as appropriate.  Assembles parts with appropriate hardware, using lockwire where required.

Assembles main rotor spindles, hubs, and swashplate assemblies.  Assembles and tests dampers, doing hydraulic test PSIG, flow rate, etc., and records results.  Assembles correlator.  Assembles main rotor shaft and transmission.  Assembles drive belt pulley and installs bearing and sleeve.  Assembles tail rotor gearbox including shaft, gears, housing, and oil cup fillers.  Installs swashplate on main rotor gearbox.  Installs control rods in transmission assembly.

Inspects and tests work as appropriate to assure conformance to specifications.  Adjusts, and repairs used precision assemblies and subassemblies.  Keep records as directed.  Maintains tools and equipment used.

Observes all safety regulations.  Other duties as required.


  • Experience and demonstrated expertise in manufacturing, maintenance, and repair of helicopter components and engine/powerplant.
  • Knowledge of the theory and mechanics of the various components assembled, including hydraulic theory.
  • Certification as repairman per FAR 65.103 for repair station or A&P license.
  • Ability to build all precision assemblies and subassemblies in transmission room area.
  • Ability to use hand and power tools, arbor press, and other equipment to assemble components.
  • Ability to use precision measuring devices such as micrometers, vernier calipers, depth gauges, etc.
  • Ability to do complex, precision work with hands.
  • Ability to read and work blueprints and specifications.
  • Ability to keep records.
  • Ability to troubleshoot problems on an independent basis.
  • Ability to work and problem-solve with minimal supervision.
  • Ability to use shop mathematics.
  • Ability to work in a Team environment.
  • Ability to work overtime.


*Must be able to meet personal tool requirements.