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Component Assembly Trainee – Tail Cones

Position:                      Component Assembly Trainee – Tail Cones

Reports To:                 Director of Operations

Status:                         Non-Exempt    


Assembles, aligns, and rivets sheet metal parts and subassemblies to form major units such as tail cone, seat assembly, instrument console, and baggage box, according to blueprints, work orders, and operations procedures.  May set up work on sheet metal parts and subassemblies for other workers to complete.


Sets up, aligns, and assembles parts to be riveted in jig or fixture with temporary fasteners.  Verifies dimensions and alignment.  Drills part, disassembles part if necessary, and deburrs holes.  Reassembles part with clecos; aligns and prepares to rivet.  Selects proper size and type of rivets, as well as appropriate riveting equipment.  May use hand riveter, riveting machine, or pneumatic riveting gun.  Drives rivets and bucks to specified tolerances.  May work with another sheet metal worker for rivet bucking.  Checks to see that rivets are bucked to specified tolerances.  Drills out and replaces defective rivets.  Sets up and operates forming-roll equipment to form contours in parts such as tail cone.  Examines completed work pieces to assure conformance with specifications.  Does service work as required.  Maintains tools and equipment used.

Trains other workers.  Serves as consultation resource with other workers.  Observes all safety regulations.  Other duties as required.


  • Ability to fabricate sheet metal parts with skills in assembling, aligning, and riveting.
  • Ability to read and work from blueprints, and specifications.
  • Ability to use hand-squeeze riveter, riveting machine, and pneumatic riveting gun.
  • Ability to use measuring devices, jigs, fixtures, and templates to determine proper alignment.
  • Knowledge of various types and sizes of rivets and riveting equipment.
  • Ability to use required hand and power tools.
  • Ability to use shop mathematics.


*Also must be able to meet personal tool requirements.