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A&P Final Assembly/Flight Line Mechanic

Reports To: Plant Manager
Status: Non-Exempt

Performs final installations, adjustments and testing procedures as helicopter goes onto flight line for final stage of manufacturing process, flight test, blade tracking, and sign-off. Recommends sign-off by authorized personnel during assembly, installation and/or repair process, or signs off under FAR 65.103, where appropriate.

Tracks blades with pilot, and performs adjustments on blades and various helicopter mechanisms, adjusts fuel flows, etc until helicopter receives FAA approval and sign-off occurs. Does flight line repair and overhaul work for customer service as assigned. Signs off work as legally appropriate. Examines parts and assemblies for defects and to determine conformance to specifications and blueprints, and reports lack of conformance to the appropriate parties. Examines defective machinery and equipment in Assembly area to determine cause of malfunction, and reports need for repair to Supervisor.

Installs and adjusts such complex assemblies as correlator assembly, main rotor assembly, tail rotor assembly, drive belt pulleys, exhaust manifolds, linkage connections for cyclic stick, heater hoses for cabin and fittings, and belt tension assembly, connects fuel lines, etc. Using power and hand tools performs all installations according to blueprints and specifications.

Trains other workers. Serves as consultation resource with other workers. Observes all safety regulations. Other duties as required.


  • A&P License (acquired within 6 months of receiving).
  • Extensive experience and demonstrated expertise in manufacturing, maintenance and repair of helicopters.
  • Ability to read blueprints and specifications.
  • Certification as Repairman per FAR 65.103 for Repair Station Certification (Enstrom Helicopter)
  • Extensive Flight Line Experience. (Military aviation experience a plus.)
  • Knowledge of all operations and procedures within the Assembly Department and Flight Line.
  • Ability to set up, operate and adjust all machines and equipment in the Assembly Department.
  • Sophisticated knowledge of all flight line assembly installations.
  • High level mechanical skills and ability to install and adjust all flight line assemblies.
  • Ability to use all hand tools and portable power tools required.
  • Ability to track blades.
  • Ability to keep required records.
  • Ability to use shop mathematics.
  • Ability to do precision work with hands.
  • Ability to use micrometers, vernier calipers and gauges.
  • Sophisticated knowledge of the theory of helicopter flight and mechanical theories involved.
  • Ability to troubleshoot problems on an independent basis.
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision.

*Also must be able to meet personal tool requirements.