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Safety Check: Tweaking the Rotor RPM

Last week, I conducted five check rides over a four-day period. We flew in a Huges 269C, Guimball Cabri G-2, Enstrom 280FX, and an older Enstrom model F28A. While each aircraft operated flawlessly, I noticed many applicants struggled to maintain the rotor RPM in their respective helicopters. The Guimball Cabri G-2 is equipped with a […]

Support Documents Available on Our Website

We get lots of requests at the factory for manuals, service documents, and other technical information. We are always happy to help but actually, there is a great deal of information for owners, pilots, and technicians available on our website. Under Support, there are links to Training, Technical Support, and Tech Tips. Clicking on Training […]

Lubrication of Tail Rotor Thrust Bearings

The Enstrom tail rotor has great authority: being unobstructed, loss of tail rotor effectiveness is minimal if any at all. To maintain that positive control, one thing to add to your next maintenance task is SIL NO. 0162 (Piston) or SIL NO. T-026 (Turbine), these documents detail a lubrication method to prevent premature wear of the […]