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Enstrom Helicopter Dealer & Service Center in the Czech Republic

Enstrom Helicopters at DSA a.s.

Enstrom is pleased to announce that it has signed DSA a.s. as a Dealer and Service Center for Enstrom Helicopters in the Czech Republic. Located in Hradec Kralove, DSA provides aircraft sales, flight training, and maintenance for all models of Enstrom helicopters, as well as for other manufacturers and fixed-wing aircraft as well.

“We knew we absolutely had to get DSA on board,” said Dennis Martin, Enstrom’s VP of Sales & Marketing. “They are the largest flight school in the Czech Republic, and one of the largest in Europe.” DSA operates multiple Enstrom 480B turbine helicopters and provides training to foreign and domestic students.

According to Doug Smith, Enstrom’s VP of Product Support, “DSA is a highly experienced Service Center. In addition to supporting commercial customers throughout the region, they provide critical support to the Czech Army fleet of 480B’s. Previously the Army had only operated Eastern Bloc aircraft, but with DSA’s knowledge and experience the transition to Enstrom’s for their training fleet was smooth.”

DSA was founded in 1992 by Tomáš Suchánek, and in addition to sales, training, and service, they provide HEMS services throughout the Czech Republic. For more information, please visit www.dsa.cz.

About Enstrom Helicopter

From Rudy Enstrom’s early designs in 1943 to initial testing in a Michigan Quarry in 1957 to aircraft operating on six continents, Enstrom Helicopter Corporation has maintained a reputation for safety, value and performance. Based in Menominee, Michigan and proudly made in the United States, Enstrom has a rich history for design innovation. The goal is to provide helicopters to the customer’s exact specification and deliver support and maintenance worldwide.