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Employee Spotlight: Amy Larson

Amy Lawson

Tucked under the paneling of any Enstrom helicopter, you’ll find several miles of cables and wiring. As part of Enstrom’s avionics department, it’s my job to build the wire harnesses we use to ensure your helicopter’s sensors, batteries, and electronic controls all remain functional.

My name is Amy Larson, and I’m a relative newcomer to Enstrom. When Enstrom reopened production last year, two of my friends, who happened to be Enstrom employees, encouraged me to apply. My background in wiring harnesses turned out to be a great fit, and I joined the team. I love my job and the amazing family atmosphere Enstrom promotes daily.

I would say that you could see my work on both Enstrom’s turbine and piston helicopters, but the truth is, if I’ve done my job right, you’ll never notice my work at all. It’s all tucked away neatly out of sight. By organizing the wires into a harness, I help optimize space on board, decrease the risk of a short, and protect the wiring from vibrations, cuts, and moisture. I particularly enjoy working on radio stack option harnesses because each harness is unique to the individual customer.

When not at work, you’ll find me showing some TLC to my other favorite machines, vintage vehicles. I own a 1979 Trans Am I named “Kit” and a 1964 Chevy Truck I call “Big Dog.” I also own two Labradors, Maggie and Maizey, who love hopping into old “Big Dog” to go for a ride. Given my love for everything vintage, it should come as no surprise that I’m a huge fan of antiquing as well. I have two amazing adult children, a daughter and son.

While I deeply respect what’s old, working for Enstrom has helped me develop an appreciation for what’s new. We’re on the cutting edge of new technology and we’re constantly innovating. So, come join us! You’ll never forget the first time you see a helicopter take flight, which you know you had a hand in building.

About Enstrom Helicopter

From Rudy Enstrom’s early designs in 1943 to initial testing in a Michigan Quarry in 1957 to aircraft operating on six continents, Enstrom Helicopter Corporation has maintained a reputation for safety, value and performance. Based in Menominee, Michigan and proudly made in the United States, Enstrom has a rich history for design innovation. The goal is to provide helicopters to the customer’s exact specification and deliver support and maintenance worldwide.