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Employee Spotlight: Cody Parkovich

Cody Parkovich. Photo by Brent Bundy VerticalMag.com.

Production Pilot/Tech Rep at Enstrom Helicopter Corp.

I started my career in aviation in 2006 as an Airframe Mechanic in the Marine Corps on F/A-18 Hornets. At the beginning of this adventure, I never had an “aha moment” of this could be a career. Growing up in Marinette, Wisconsin, it was not a common topic as an occupation, and if it was, the person was more than likely a veteran. Towards the end of my enlistment, I started to look a little further into aviation, primarily becoming a pilot. I had been in college for a year before I was told about a flight school in the Midwest that accepted the GI Bill, three weeks later I was enrolled and began my training.

As I completed my commercial helicopter license I also applied here at Enstrom for a mechanic position. I was hired as an Engine Build-up mechanic which then transitioned to Final Assembly and ultimately a Flight Line Mechanic. This is where I was able to fly an Enstrom for the first time. Between blade tracking and moments after the initial flight test was performed I was able to log a few hours, but I knew I wanted more than just a few.

Jim Viola pilots an Enstrom 480B

Cody Parkovich pilots an Enstrom 480B. Photo by Brent Bundy VerticalMag.com.

I chose to depart Enstrom to enroll in a school out west to further my flight training and obtain my CFI. Knowing if I wanted to be a pilot for Enstrom I would need a minimum amount of flight time, this would be the fastest option. While in training, I would work as an A&P mechanic during the day and would fly in the afternoon. After gaining my instructor license, I was hired on to the school and worked in both mechanic and pilot positions. As I got a bit more time I moved around the US to other jobs where I flew instruction, tours, and utility in many different helicopters while still maintaining my A&P.

Finally, the opportunity came, and I was able to come back to Enstrom as a Flight Line Mechanic in hopes I would be able to transition into a pilot role. The years spent playing both roles of mechanic/pilot paid off. I am now a Production Test Pilot for Enstrom and a Tech Rep. The Tech Rep position has allowed me to travel and fly helicopters in many different locations around the world. I am happy to be able to do the job I love in a place I love. The future looks bright.

About Enstrom Helicopter

From Rudy Enstrom’s early designs in 1943 to initial testing in a Michigan Quarry in 1957 to aircraft operating on six continents, Enstrom Helicopter Corporation has maintained a reputation for safety, value and performance. Based in Menominee, Michigan and proudly made in the United States, Enstrom has a rich history for design innovation. The goal is to provide helicopters to the customer’s exact specification and deliver support and maintenance worldwide.