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TH180 Update


Menominee, MI, February, 2017–Enstrom’s TH180 helicopter program is moving forward towards certification.  The TH180 is Enstrom’s latest foray in the ab-initio flight training, personal flying, and light commercial market.  Designed to be simple and low cost, the TH180 will boast a number of traditional and beloved Enstrom features such as a high inertia fully articulated rotor head, unblocked tail rotor, and rugged landing gear.  Enstrom’s are renowned for their safety, and it expected the TH180 will build upon that and be a class leader in safety.


Enstrom is currently flying it’s second (and first fully conforming) prototype TH180.  In addition, a third prototype is undergoing static tests and will be added to the flight test program shortly.  Enstrom’s flight testing to date has included handling and controllability surveys, load surveys, and continued systems development.  Upcoming tests include fully defining the performance envelope and the FAA mandated 100 hour ground run.


“We are very happy with how the aircraft is flying,” said Enstrom Senior Test Pilot Bill Taylor.  “There have been no real surprises.  In fact most of the issues we’ve run into have been with the test equipment, not the aircraft itself.  It’s really a good little helicopter.  We look forward to really accelerating this test program and getting the aircraft onto the market.”


Enstrom is currently anticipating FAA certification by the end of 2017, with EASA and Transport Canada validation to follow shortly after.  The helicopter will be powered by the new 210 hp Lycoming HIO-390-A1A  engine, and will be initially certified with Garmin avionics. Enstrom is targeting a sub-$400,000 price point and holds a number of Letters of Intent for the new helicopter.

Sharkey Deliveries

Enstrom Delivers F28F to Sharkey’s Helicopter

 Menominee, Michigan; September, 2016 —Enstrom Helicopter Corporation celebrates our latest delivery to Sharkey’s Helicopters.  This beautiful F28F is the 3rd ship to be sold through Sharkey’s in the past 9 months.  Along with this aircraft he has also seen a delivery of a 480B and an F28F to other customers.

“We have seen the aviation market slowly starting to turn around.  The Enstrom is a great helicopter because of the cost and of course the safety record. “ said Roger Sharkey.

Roger Sharkey of Sharkey’s Helicopter was named the 2015 Dealer of the Year at this past Heli-Expo.  He has been part of the Enstrom family for over 35 years.


TH180 Fall Update

Continuing Development of the Enstrom TH180

Menominee, MI, October 2016—Enstrom Helicopter Corporation continues its flight test program on the second TH180 helicopter Flight Test Vehicle.  Several test plans have been submitted to the FAA, the FAA has been providing excellent support  and various tests are being completed.  The program is back on track after the delay caused by the accident with FTV 1.  “Thus far, the TH-180 is meeting and exceeding our expectations” said Bill Taylor, Senior Test Pilot, and Co-Program Manager. The first static test was successfully completed on September 20th. “We have just crossed another milestone with recent test completions.  We are on our way!”

Construction is nearly complete on a third FTV which will be a fully conforming prototype.  This aircraft will begin flight test in the last quarter of this year with certification anticipated in 2017.

A certification meeting was held with the FAA in September and a familiarization meeting is scheduled with EASA in October to initiate the EU certification process as the flight test program moves forward.  “We are very encouraged by the cooperative efforts with the airworthiness authorities and look forward to completing certification flight testing by mid-2017” said Orlando Alaniz, Director of Sales & Marketing & Co-Program Manager.

Training future pilots is a high priority and we are developing and building a training helicopter to meet the rigorous training demands of global helicopter markets.