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The Configurator: You'll Be Back

pink helicopterWonder what your dream helicopter would look like? Wonder no longer!

Halloween heliWith our new configurator, you’re the artist. Play with different models, styles, and colors. Just click on a helicopter model, choose a base color, then choose an accent color. You also have a variety of stripe options to choose from. With a little Photoshop savvy, you can even put yourself in the picture!

camo copter

(Remember, in the real world you are not limited to these designs or colors–we can create custom designs for you.)

Packers heli

We’ve designed helicopters for breast cancer awareness, Halloween,¬†and deer hunting. Try your favorite sports team’s colors. Or holiday. Or your kids’ birthstones. You can even print your design–perfect to send to Santa!

Christmas heli2

Check it out. No artistic skills necessary!