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Busy inside and out

Making good progress in the beautiful fall weather

Making good progress in the beautiful fall weather. See more by clicking the video link at the end of the article.

Enstrom Helicopter is expanding…in more ways than one! We’re doubling our space and increasing our staff, all in order to benefit you, our customer.


Because of our expanded facility, our production processes will become more efficient. Additional space will improve organization and work flow, resulting in lower costs and shorter lead times. This means your helicopter can be built faster and delivered sooner.


Increasing our staff means hiring qualified people who bring in fresh ideas. We are doubling our engineering department and expanding research & development. This demonstrates our commitment to pursuing new projects. Our innovation benefits you, our customer, by providing helicopters that are unsurpassed in safety, design, and technology.


The expansion project also supports our dedication to excellent customer service. Our already superior spare parts service will continue and expand, as more capability will equate to more availability. Furthermore, increasing our staff will enable us to add to the variety of ways we can support you in fulfilling your mission.

At Enstrom, expansion is an investment that demonstrates our desire to do what it takes to meet your needs. Through our growth, we are affirming our commitment to deliver the safest and best-supported helicopters in the world.

Check out some of the reasons we can’t wait to move!