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Service Directive Bulletins – Turbine

A Service Directive Bulletin (SDB) is used to direct the owner/operator and/or maintenance personnel to make mandatory changes, improvements, or inspections to the aircraft.

The information provided in the Service Directive Bulletins will be incorporated into the maintenance manual as needed at a later date. At the time of incorporation, the SDB is superseded by the maintenance manual, and accomplishment or sign-off of the SDB in the maintenance records book is no longer required. A detailed entry should be made in the maintenance records to indicate that the SDB is superseded by the maintenance manual.

Turbine Service Directive Bulletin Index

  1. SDB T-001
  2. SDB T-002
  3. SDB T-003
  4. SDB T-004
  5. SDB T-005
  6. SDB T-006
  7. SDB T-007
  8. SDB T-008R3 Oil Cooler Blower Shaft
  9. SDB T-009
  10. SDB T-010
  11. SDB T-011
  12. SDB T-012R1 TRGB Input Seal
  13. SDB T-013R2
  14. SDB T-014R1
  15. SDB T-015
  16. SDB T-016
  17. SDB T-017
  18. SDB T-018
  19. SDB T-019R2
  20. SDB T-020
  21. SDB T-021
  22. SDB T-022
  23. SDB T-023
  24. SDB T-024
  25. SDB T-025
  26. SDB T-026R1
  27. SDB T-027R1
  28. SDB T-028R2 Engine Assy
  29. SDB T-029
  30. SDB T-030
  31. SDB T-031
  32. SDB T-032
  33. SDB T-033R1
  34. SDB T-034
  35. SDB T-035
  36. SDB T-036
  37. SDB T-037
  38. SDB T-038R1
  39. SDB T-039R3
  40. SDB T-040
  41. SDB T-041
  42. SDB T-042R2 Corrosion Inspection
  43. SDB T-043 Trim Relay
  44. SDB T-044 (Reserved)
  45. SDB T-045R1 Collective Pin
  46. SDB T-046R3 Drive-Belt
  47. SDB T-047 Tail Rotor Drive Shaft Bearing Assembly
  48. SDB T-048 Engine Idle Stop Assembly
  49. SDB T-049 ORC Assembly
  50. SDB T-050R3 Main Rotor Spindle
    MPI Instruction Guide
  51. SDB T-051 Fuel Tank Inspection
  52. SDB T-052 Engine Idle Stop Wiring
  53. SDB T-053 Air Particle Separator
  54. SDB T-054 Lamiflex Bearing Inspection
  55. SDB T-055R1 Tail Rotor Rotating Controls
  56. SDB T-056 Restraint Attachment
  57. SDB T-057 Fuel Quantity Transmitter – Cover and Gasket
  58. SDB T-058R1 Rod End Bearing Assembly
  59. SDB T-059 Fuel Quantity Indicator
  60. SDB T-060R1 Fiberglass Procedure for Upper Plenum
  61. SDB T-061R1 Lower Air Plenum Wedge Vane
  62. SDB T-062R2 Drag Strut Plate Installation
  63. SDB T-063 Cargo Hook Extension Link Inspection
  64. SDB T-064 Tailcone Bulkhead
  65. SDB T-065 Transmission Mount – Pylon Joint Cracks