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Hola, Venezuela!

Similar aircraft 480B

Enstrom Helicopter Corporation is pleased to announce they have received a signed contract from the Venezuela Ministry of Defense for 16 training helicopters.

The aircraft will be delivered within the next 18 months and will be used for training by the Venezuelan Air Force and Navy. The contract includes 16 standard model 480B helicopters as well as spare parts and tools, pilot and mechanic training, and in-country technical assistance during the life of the contract. With its solid customer support system and newly expanded facility, Enstrom is ready to meet the challenge.

“We are very excited about this opportunity to provide training helicopters for Venezuela,” said Tracy Biegler, Enstrom CEO. “This is their first helicopter purchase from a U.S. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in more than ten years. We are pleased that the 480B was selected for this training mission.”

Venezuela and Enstrom have a positive history together. The Venezuelan National Guard operates Enstrom helicopters purchased in the 1970s; they expanded their fleet in 2001.

“All parties are pleased with the final result,” said Orlando Alaniz, Enstrom’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “It was a privilege to work with the fine organization at VEXIMCA, the contracting agency for the Venezuela government.”